Postpartum Doula

A Postpartum doula is a trained professional who will provide emotional, physical and educational support while assisting parents to care for the new born on their own.

The Postpartum Doula’s assistance is needed after the birth of a baby when extended help is not available.  For new parents, having a baby is a time of great joy but the challenges of a new baby can be numerous.  Much emphasis has been on the pregnancy and birth, and now that baby has arrived many parents fill ill-prepared for the daily routine care that they now need to provide.

In addition to recovering from birth, they are responsible for a tiny dependent newborn who has a unique personality. Sleeplessness and emotional adjustments as well as trying to master infant feeding and nurturing, along with household tasks and possibly caring for older siblings may require new parents to need more support at home than they had expected.

I offer these postpartum services for any mother needing help after her baby arrives, I want to “mother the mother.” My services are done on an hourly basis from the birthday to six weeks after the birth of your baby.

Things I can help you with are:

• Routine newborn care and education in bathing, cord care, diapering, calming techniques, and newborn nutrition and development.

• Assistance in unexpected outcomes in providing support, guidance, and information

• Help taking care of you and your baby so you can rest

• Breastfeeding support and education

• Pumping assistance

• Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and early postpartum period

• Access to my lending library of childbirth materials to support your learning in preparing for the birth, breastfeeding and newborn care.

• Newborn care in general

• Helping care for siblings

How to Begin?

Give me a call or email for our initial consultation, free of charge. I want to know you and your family to make sure I would be a good doula for you.

Phone: 727-560-0340