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Natural Birth in a Hospital?A Doula & Determination are Essential.

My first pregnancy about 8 months along.

My first pregnancy about 8 months along.

Just think about that…borning your baby in a place where emergencies happen, a place where you go when you are sick? It simply doesn’t make sense. If we are low risk, why would we put ourselves in such a dangerous place for such a beautiful, natural, normal experience? Looking back I am not sure why I did it? And it wasn’t easy. I knew i couldn’t “just take it as it comes.” I knew I had to educate myself.I heard some very traumatic stories that frightened both Sam and myself.

Hospitals have policies. Things like continuous electronic fetal monitoring (EFM), routine vaginal exams (usually every 2-4 hours), no walking after water breaks (which you’re not doing anyway if you have EFM), and a routine IV. With the most risky being imposed time limits, yes believe it…you are on a time limit.

You will not be moving around, changing positions, rotating hips, or using gravity to assist the baby on his way down and out. Labor is harder for mom and baby under these conditions. Bottomline is that you are more likely to have a c-section with all these policies (hospitals with these type of policies have a 60% c-section rates). And if you MUST deliver your baby in a hospital, use a doula and/or have a strong willed partner to help stop all these unnecessary actions.

Thank goodness my first birth was a wonderful hospital birth (my second was in a birth center) but I had two weapons, an educated husband and fantastic doula, who knew the right things to say to all of the nurses. It went well, we stuck to our plan of laboring mostly at home then, in the bathroom at the hospital. The nurses left us alone in that room, for the most part. I achieved a natural childbirth and had a great birth experience thanks to educating myself.
Do that for you and your baby, it is the biggest day of your lives!

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