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Class Testimonials

Some of my past students have been kind enough to offer testimonials of their experiences:

“My birth was the most exhausting, yet the most exhilarating day of my entire life. I just want to say thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for teaching me, encouraging me, etc. I couldn’t have done it without you and trust me when I say you are gonna make such an impact on so many people’s lives if you continue on the path you are on. I have never felt so strong in all my life and I have such an amazing sense of pride that I didn’t even know was possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you… A million times thank you!” -Stephanie and Heath Miller

“…The hands-on teaching style with Laura was fantastic. Her husband would also join the class to provide information from their personal experience which provided an outlook from a male perspective. I hope if I’m blessed with the opportunity to have another child, Laura is still teaching this course so I can come back for a refresher!” – Chanelle G., Pinellas Park

“The classes made me trust my body and the knowledge enabled me to ask the questions to get the results I wanted.” – K.A.E.

“We are so grateful for finding Laura and going though the Bradley course. I felt fully prepared for my daughter’s birth and my husband was able to coach us through many of the scenarios that Laura prepared us for. Due to the length of my labor I truly believe that without going though all of the coursework and homework assignments I would have given into the hospital routine and not achieved the labor and birth I had envisioned.”
Thank you so much Laura, The Smith Family.

“Bradley class was very inspiring and educational. We feel prepared and ready for our first baby’s big debut. Thank you Sam and Laura” -Morgan

“I had such a great time, observing your class, and felt more confident after leaving your class. Your passion for natural childbirth is very evident and it inspired me even more!” -Lisa (doula)

Here are some of my favorites I found on-line:

So Awesome!
My husband and I really felt prepared for our first baby after taking the classes. Our little one arrived before we could take our final class yet we were so well prepared! It was the complete package! How to eat right, what to expect and how to manage pain. We were very pleased and impressed! As a bonus we made good friends with the other two couples in our class. The knowledge makes me excited and ready when we decide to have another baby. Thank You Bradley and thanks to our fantastic teacher!
—Guest T.F.G.

Love this program!
I took my Bradley class ten years ago and felt so empowered. It was great for my husband as well and the whole experience brought us closer. I have given birth to 4 children naturally and wouldn’t change a thing. I felt most comfortable in a hospital (just in case) but will say that you should definitely investigate your hospital’s standard procedures before delivery. The nurses at our last birth had never seen a natural birth-period. They were in utter amazement that it could be done without medication.
—Guest Monica

An affirmative, empowering class
I highly recommend the Bradley method. The classes gave me confidence in my ability to birth naturally, and it gave my husband the confidence HE needed to coach me through it. I loved that my husband learned practical, hands-on techniques for helping me relax. I also appreciated learning so much about the process of childbirth. I left each class session feeling more empowered, armed with knowledge about how my body was “built to birth.” I also credit Bradley’s focus on nutrition, exercise and relaxation for helping me prepare me both physically and mentally for the big day. I always joke that I was in the best shape of my life when I gave birth!
—Guest Jennifer

Informed Choices

I loved going into my son’s birth knowing what was happening to me and what were the pros and cons of the different potential interventions. It’s not about being some kind of “superwoman” or proving anything by going without meds, it’s about feeling like you have a say in what happens to you. The moms in my class had a wide range of births, with all sorts of different things happening, but everyone came out feeling comfortable with the interventions that happened because they made an informed choice.
—Guest Natalie

Very Empowering

All mothers-to-be could benefit greatly from the Bradley method. Our culture is quite fear based, and Bradley teaches you to relax and have faith in your body. As my body knows how to grow the baby, my body knows how to birth the baby. The class also led me to a kind doula, who was fabulous. My water birth was amazing; I’m not sure it would have worked out so well had I not found the Bradley method. I hope my second birth is as easy! The knowledge you gain from these classes is hands down unsurpassed. Knowledge is power and so very empowering!
—Guest Krista Wanko

Husband learned so much!

We took Bradley before the birth of our first child. I always knew I wanted a natural childbirth, having been there for the home birth of four three of my siblings. I learned so much in the class, but it was most helpful for my husband! He went into the labor and birth experience so relaxed, because of the knowledge gained at our class. After a successful natural birth at a hospital, we both had the confidence to have a home birth. I believe that if it weren’t for our Bradley class, my husband wouldn’t have been comfortable with that decision. We applied the things we learned at our Bradley class and had a wonderful home birth! The Bradley class is definitely a time commitment, with 12 weeks of classes lasting a couple of hours each, but it was time well spent. The successful natural births of our two children made it so worth it!
—Guest Sarah

Knowledge is comfort and power
A friend of mine took Bradley and recommended it to me after I told her I wanted to have a natural birth. This class really prepared my body and mind to the process of pregnancy and birth. We went over all the pros and cons of medical interventions. I felt once I started labor I knew what was happening with my body and felt much more at ease. My husband enjoyed it and he said learned a lot of beneficial information.
—Guest Erin

Education is the best thing
Many women say they birthed their children without taking a class… but when you ask them how it went, you hear answers like, “I ended up having a c-section,” “I loved my epidural, I didn’t feel a thing.” or “My epidural only worked on half my body…” I think the Bradley Method is the best thing for expecting moms ever in today’s medical culture. It made me feel comfortable with what was going to happen to my body, it educated me on how medical staff would react due to hospital policy & how to make educated decisions, it helped me have a successful NATURAL birth. And I would do it again! The time investment is worth a successful birth!
—Guest Carrie

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